Summer 2008 - Birikos Studios in Naxos Island, Agios Prokopios

Summer 2008

Hello Maria & Dimitris!
Thanks a lot of christmas cards since we where staying by you, the last time in 2002. Here in the north norway, nearby Lofoten and the airport Harstad/Narvik, we have about 50 cm snow and -2 down to -8 degrees cold. That is very ok.
But now it`s time to visit you again. After several vacations around in Europe,both my wife and me, has the opinion that Biricos and Naxsos are some of the best. This time we want to stay in 14 days from 28.june 2008,about time 23.00, and leave at friday or saturday, 13 days later. We are coming by ferry from Pireus in the evening. We need two apartments, then we have invited a couple to travel together with us. If possible, nearby each other and as long as possible away from the street. We wonder which price you will have for theese two appartments, and different categories and other alternatives and prices. If you want payment before arrival, thats ok..
Please give us some word back, - we have got the tickets from Oslo to Athens now. My mail adress is:
Yours sincerely, Eli and Ole Stig Eidissen
9475 Borkenes, Norway

Ps. Our two girls is studying and can`t travel together with us this year.